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Mon - Fri: 11am-6pm
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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you disabled access friendly?

A. Yes! We are the only tattoo studio in Chichester with a studio that is accessible for our disabled customers. 

Q. Do tattoo's hurt? 

A. Any tattoo work is painful but is greatly fulfilling when it is complete and something to be proud of. Pain is relative to the person but we will make your experience as pleasant as possible, we're sure you will be fine.

Q. I want a tattoo. How do you determine price?

A. Our prices are dependent on size, location and intricacy. However, as a guide, it is a minimum charge of £40 for small items and from then on it is £70-£80 per hour. Alternatively, we offer a discounted rate for a day session of £350-£400, depending on which artist you book with.

Q. Do you sell the aftercare I'll need? 

A. e do recommend our shop aftercare brand, Diablo balm, which is natural and vegan, or an all-natural, no additive cocoa butter (both are easily available locally).